How To Grow Herbs Indoors


(Updated March 2019)

Everyone loves the taste of herbs harvested fresh from the garden. And winter doesn’t have to spell the end of that enjoyment. Just a handful of pots indoors can supply bundles of savory herbs throughout all the seasons. All you need are some culinary herbs, a sunny window and a little TLC in the form of good soil, judicious watering and a regular supply of food. Continue reading

Vertical Gardens Are Growing Up

Vertical garden made from recycled grocery store pallets

The future of gardening is looking up and it’s vertical, not horizontal. Vertical gardens are becoming a growing trend as savvy gardeners with limited space look for new ways to enjoy the outdoors.  Additionally, modern tools and techniques are making these structures easy to install and maintain almost anywhere. Many of my clients are adding green walls to their homes and reaping their benefits all year long. Continue reading

The ABC’s of Water Gardens: A Maryland Expert Weighs In

Every spring when my water garden needs to be restocked, I head out to a Maryland property called Lilypons. Nestled amid rolling hills, the gardens are an oasis of natural ponds teeming with water lilies and other beautiful aquatic plants. It is one of my favorite places to visit. So I was thrilled when recently, a Lilypons expert came to speak to our garden club about to create water gardens of our very own. Continue reading