In the Gardens of Chenonceau, A Floral Legacy Lives On

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Floral arrangement in grand foyer at Chenonceau

If you ask me, a visit to France’s Chenonceau is never complete without a tour of its gardens, and as an extension, the many beautiful floral arrangements that brighten the rooms of this magnificent castle. The two go hand-in-hand, since the one produces the flowers for the other. It’s all part of a time-worn tradition that began centuries ago with the rivalry between two ladies. Continue reading

7 Edible Flowers You Can Grow In Your Garden


You really can have your flowers and eat them, too. Used for centuries as garnishes, edible flowers are a great way to add taste and color to meals. Not so long ago in the United States, though, a handful of blooms tossed into a dish was a relatively unheard-of experience. My first time sampling a flower was in a salad in the 80’s. I can still remember the sensation of the petals in my mouth along with their delicate floral flavor. Continue reading

The Upside Down Flower World of Artist Rebecca Louise Law


St. Christopher’s installation by Rebecca Louise Law/Photo:

Last week in London, British artist Rebecca Louise Law literally turned the flower industry on its head. She suspended 1,200 fresh flowers upside down over the West End’s St. Christopher’s Place. The pop-up display, which was designed to mark the arrival of warmer weather, immersed winter-weary shoppers in a colorful oasis as they drifted head first through the hanging garden. Continue reading

Ancient Flower Trapped In Amber Unveils New Species


Photo: George O. Poinar, Jr.

They say time really does stand still; at least when it comes to fossils. And last week, scientists announced that two tropical flowers, possibly as old as 45 million years, have been found in two separate pieces of amber. The ancient flowers, which were discovered in a cave in the Dominican Republic, offer fascinating clues about the evolution of life on the planet. Considering our own brief time here on earth, the discovery certainly puts things into perspective. Continue reading